Help for Basket

Online catalogue (IPAC) help.

The Basket is where you can temporarily store the records.

Number of records in the basket is displayed underneath the login information. Currently, maximum amount of records in the basket is 500. This limit may be increased to 1500 after login.

In the basket, it is possible

After log out, the content of the basket is deleted.
It is possible to save records among My documents permanently.

Operations with a record

Following operations are available for every record:

  • Borrow – icon for a request or a reservation of a document is displayed only in case, when there are some holdings (e.g. it will not be display in case of articles, collective serial records etc.).
  • To the basket – this function put a record to the basket.
  • Bookmark – offer another possibilities for searching, sharing records or operations with record.
  • Digitized document - a link to a digitized work, not available on the market, that can be viewed under a licensed license online or from the library environment.

Display formats

It is possible to display search results in several formats. Formats offer is determined by library.


A display format that contains maximum of information about the document (if you are searching the catalogue) or about the author, subject heading, corporation etc. (if you are searching in the authority file). A detailed display format can contain a link to the document fulltext or to photos connected to entry. It contains a list of available holdings that you can lend. A range of information available in the detailed display format is determined by library.


A short display format contains only concise information about a document or an author, subject heading etc. There is only basic information that can help us to evaluate if you have found what you have been searching for.


There might be available an ISBD display format for getting the information about a document (if you are searching the catalogue). It is a display format created by librarians for uniform display as much information about the document as possible in a compressed way. It is usually only one sentence, where you can find the document title, information about authors, a publisher, an edition, etc. If you learn more about the format and you know how to find information in it, it is useful for preparing lists of documents e.g. (bibliographies).


It is a specialized format that displays a record in an exchange format MARC - every line displays one MARC record field.


Other possible display formats can be chosen in Display formats on the left-hand menu of the page.

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